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Introducing the "When Baked Things Attack" Horror Movie Bundle, a must-have for horror enthusiasts and coffee aficionados alike!


☕ Mutiny Cafe's Daily Brew: Dive into the terror-filled world of "When Baked Things Attack" with every sip of Mutiny Cafe's signature blend. Roasted in small batches, this coffee is crafted for those brave souls who wake up to the ominous sounds of the train and need a caffeinated boost to face the day's horrors. With its bright and juicy acidity, balanced by a soft and sweet mouthfeel, this blend will keep you alert as you navigate through the spine-tingling twists and turns of the movie.


☕ Limited Edition Coffee Cup: Sip your coffee in style with the limited edition "When Baked Things Attack" coffee cup, featuring chilling artwork inspired by the movie. Whether you're enjoying your morning brew or gearing up for a late-night movie marathon, this mug is the perfect companion for fans of the film. Plus, it serves as a constant reminder of the spine-chilling adventure waiting for you on-screen.


🎟️ Support the Filmmakers: By purchasing this bundle, you're not just indulging in a terrifyingly good time—you're also supporting the dedicated filmmakers behind "When Baked Things Attack." Every sip of coffee, every flip of the comic book page, and every glance at the coffee cup fuels the creative process and brings us one step closer to unleashing this terrifying tale upon the world.


Don't miss out on the ultimate horror movie experience. Grab your "When Baked Things Attack" Horror Movie Bundle today and prepare for a journey into the unknown!

WBTA Coffee & Comic Bundle

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