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The Adventures of The Enigma.  

based on the very real sideshow performer, THE ENIGMA (from X-Files, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Making Monsters). The comic book depicts the Enigma's misadventures. Enigma’s circus comes to a rural town, where he find’s himself  helping a young boy make friends and  confront bullies. The new book is written by DANIEL CROSIER (Distortions Unlimited, Vincent Price Presents, ShowDevils) and illustrated and colored by JOE BLABLAZO!


The Adventures of the Enigma introduces the world of circus life, as ever the performer, Enigma haphazardly, helps out a young boy confronted by town bullies.  In the process of  resolving differences, finding common ground, the kid and bullies become friends and help Enigma thwart the REAL threat - A GANG OF WASP PEOPLE!

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