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"When Baked Things Attack" is a rollercoaster ride of laughs, scares, and unexpected alliances. It's a tale of redemption, friendship, and the power of teamwork, all served with a side of monstrous pastry mayhem.

Attack Things

COFOH Live and Undead chats with writer/director Elisa Sargent and creature builder Joe Curnes about the live action film adaptation of Sargent's comic book 'When Baked Things Attack'!


Get to Know Us

FOUR COLOR CAKE is the shared universe from 'When Baked Things Attack', 'Stanley Kaiju and the Subterranean Bunny ', 'For Eugenia' and so many more to come, crossing into different mediums.  This is a world of animated pastries, giant bunny creatures, and octopus armies that begin to bring about this living tapestry.

Created from the mind of Elisa Sargent with creative support of Daniel Crosier, featuring such collaborative  talents as Laurissa Hughes, Kevin Waltz, Joe Blablazo and many more.

These ongoing adventures promise to be as vivid and vibrant as a bag of Halloween treats!

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